Electric Motors and Pumps

Today technological advances are very rapid and bearing requirements have become more complicated and varied with different working conditions and environments. At the same time several Automotive, Electric Motor, Power Tool and Home appliance which are now part of everyday life have become very competitive and OEMs and manufacturers worldwide are looking for economical options and the same quality level to have competitive advantage.Electric motors are used as the source of motive power in all kinds of industries.High Precision Bearings are widely used in the revolving parts of motors which need to provide smooth and low noise rotation at high speeds at high loads

As electricity becomes more popular as a source of motive power energy, customers have an increasing need for motors with low energy consumption together with longer operational life for high reliability.


Featured Product

DPI GOLD  : These Super Precision Deep Groove Ball Bearings are designed to deliver the highest levels of  accuracy, rotational speed, and rigidity needed for demanding applications. DPI GOLD super precision bearings are manufactured with state-of-the-art equipment and extensive quality control procedures at each stage of the production process.  Highest quality material and supreme internal design, DPI Gold offers several types of super precision bearing,

DPI GOLD Super Precision bearings are comparable in Life and Low Noise Level requirements just as Japanese and European Manufacturers and is Currently OEM to several Fan Manufacturers in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Russia and Ukraine

DPI GOLD Super precision Deep Groove Ball Bearings are designed to meet the following requirements:

  •  Outstanding accuracy and rigidity
  •  Extremely High rotational speed at high RPM’s
  •  Silent and smooth running with low run out
  •  Minimum friction and high temperatures

Product Features and Benefits:

  •  High accuracy – P6 Precision class Tolerance is maintained with 100% quality checks at each stage of the production process.
  •  Long life – Super precision grade Balls, cages and raceway grinding along with highest quality of bearing steel materials ensures longer life.
  •  Low Noise & Vibration – Silent, high speed running at lower temperatures.
  •  Customization: Various sealing and lubrication option to suit customer requirements.
  •  Economic Price


  • Re winders
  • Standard Electric Motors
  • Industrial and Commercial Fans
  • Home Appliances
  • Power Tools


Koyo : Koyo Produces complete Range of Electric Motor Compliant. We carry their complete Range of Deep Groove Ball Bearings which are compliant for all types of Electric Motor Quality Requirements. Koyo bearings can be used for Industrial, Automotive, Commercial as well as Heavy Duty Large Size Electric Motors.

URB : We carry complete Range of URB Deep Groove Ball bearings which meet Electric Motor Quality Requirements suitable for small and medium sized Electric Motors