Our products have been distributed worldwide touching all types of Industries, agriculture and automotive applications. With over 40 years of experience and our extensive products and services, we are sure to deliver the right solutions to our customers in every industry.

Featured Industries

Agriculture : We provide a complete solution to all agricultural bearings requirements for farming equipment and machines to help users achieve maximum yield during farming.

Automotive : As the number of Automobiles continue to grow worldwide so does the requirements for replacement of bearings in the aftermarket. We are one of the largest Stockist of Automotive bearings in the region providing economical as well reliable solutions for the aftermarket.

Electric Motors : Electric Motors are central to various applications in different industries. We have developed solutions for high end customers as well as for the economic users who are looking to get
value for their replacement as well.

Motor Cycles ( 2 and 3 Wheelers) : We provide complete solutions for replacement requirements of bearings for both motored and un motored 2 and 3 Wheeler motor cycles

Mining and Construction : Equipment users are always looking to increase productivity at the same time reduce downtime and costs. We have several options from our large variety of solutions which help
meet each customers individual objectives without compromising on their productivity.

Steel : The Steel Industry is the most vital component to all infrastructure developments and one of the largest users of all types of bearings. With Steel Mills worldwide looking to increasing production and
at the same time reducing costs to maximize their efficiency, we help provide our customers to supply
various bearings to meet their demanding objectives.

Textile : Textile Industry is very important to the growth of several developing countries. Our complete range of Textile Bearings ensures that every customer can receive their requirements of both
economical and high end bearings.